Journal Publications

November 2019

Title: The System for Telementoring with Augmented Reality (STAR): A Head-Mounted Display to Improve Surgical Coaching and Confidence in Remote Areas

Journal: Surgery. Pre-print

July 2019

Title: Telementoring in Leg Fasciotomies via Mixed-Reality: Clinical Evaluation of the STAR Platform

Journal: Military Medicine. Pre-print

October 2018

Title: Augmented Reality as a Medium for Improved Telementoring

Journal: Military Medicine. Link

May 2018 

Title: Augmented Reality Future Step Visualization for Robust Surgical Telementoring​

Journal: Simulation in Healthcare. Link

March 2018

Title: Surgical Telementoring without Encumbrance: A comparative study of see-through augmented reality based approaches

Journal: Annals of Surgery. Link

Oral Presentations

October 2019

Title: Augmented Reality for Decision Support and Telementoring in the Military

Venue: American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly. Demo

August 2019

Title: A Portable and Self-contained Approach for Surgical Telementoring: Towards Remote, Point of Injury Care

Venue: Military Health System Research Symposium. Poster

January 2017

Title: See-What-I-Do: Increasing mentor and trainee sense of co-presence in trauma surgeries with the STAR platform

Venue: International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare. Poster

January 2016

Title: STAR – A system for telementoring with augmented reality

Venue: International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare. Poster

Conference Publications 

March 2020 

Title: How About the Mentor? Effective Workspace Visualization in AR Telementoring
Venue: IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces. Pre-Print

May 2019

Title: MAGIC: A Fundamental Framework for Gesture Representation, Comparison and Assessment

Venue: IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition. Link

March 2019  

Title: Robust High-Level Video Stabilization for Effective AR Telementoring

Venue: IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User InterfacesLink

October 2018  

Title: 3rd Virtual and Augmented Reality for Good (VAR4Good) Workshop

Venue: Adjunct at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented RealityLink

July 2018  

Title: A First-Person Mentee Second-Person Mentor AR Interface for Surgical Telementoring

Venue: International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality. Link

February 2018  

Title: Augmented Visual Instruction for Surgical Practice and Training.

Venue: VAR4Good Workshop @IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces. Link

News Releases

July 2019

Title: Did you know that a Costa Rican engineer is helping to develop the augmented reality technology in the US army?

Venue: The Costa Rica News. Link

July 2019

Title: Tico desarrolla tecnología con realidad aumentada para atender a soldados heridos

Venue: La Nación. Link

July 2019  

Title: Realidad aumentada en ejército estadounidense, con sello tico

Venue: Tecnológico de Costa RicaLink

September 2018  

Title: Purdue develops ‘augmented reality’ tools to help health care workers save lives in war zones, natural disasters, rural areas

Venue: Purdue University. Link

PhD Candidate in Industrial Engineering

Research Assistant at Purdue University

Edgar Rojas Muñoz

Intelligent Systems and

Assistive Technologies Laboratory

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